SONY电脑”当前充电电池无法使用, 可能没有被正确安装”

给某领导的sony电脑重装,安装好驱动后出现了“当前充电电池无法使用, 可能没有被正确安装”的问题,一点确定马上进入待机状态,电脑是新买的,电池肯定是没问题,那到底是哪出了问题呢?
爬文(link)下来后发现,只要安装Sony Shared Library的驱动即可

How to solve Battery checker problem in VAIO notebook?

I have a problem after re-installing the OS. The battery checker is displaying that , “Your battery is not connected properly, Please click OK to hibernate”. But battery is properly connected and sufficient charge is available.

If you have the same problem, you should install Sony Shared Library drivers.

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